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Dry Well Drainage

Hi Everyone! It's #waterwednesday With all the rain we have been having we decided to focus on what a Dry Well is and if you may have use for one on your property.


What Is A Dry Well Drainage System?

A dry well drainage system disposes of water by dispersing it into the ground to reach groundwater. The system is a type of passive structure, as the gravity encourages water flow into pipes along the top portion of the system. The water is then discharged through smaller openings along the sides and bottom.


The Advantages

A dry well drainage system has many advantages and can be the answer to many of your drainage concerns. A key benefit of this type of system is that it is very versatile, as it can handle various applications including water from sump pumps, driveways, walkways, roof runoff, and more. Also, the dry well system contains oxygen, which can be very beneficial for keeping the drainage pit dry. This, in turn, keeps the soil around the system healthier. Lastly, this drainage system is helpful for both drainage and irrigation needs. The dry well helps areas dry out from heavy rains and allows water to move back into the groundwater. This allows your plants and trees to have access to the water without drowning in puddles.


Affordable Solution

In addition to all of these great benefits, the dry well drainage system is an affordable solution. It lasts a long time and offers long-term function, without making a significant disturbance to your lawn where you install it. 


Give Maglothin Well and Water Treatment LLC a call today to discuss your water needs! 

As always, Happy #waterwednesday folks!!

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